About me

The first picture I took was back in England. I was 5 years old and traveling in the back on my mum's Ford Anglia. The grey piece of plastic in my hand took 127 film, and I remember the incident well. 

My mum lectured me about wasting film when i pressed the shutter and took a picture of the hedge rows blurring by the side of the road. Don't waste film - it's expensive. The picture was a little surreal for sure. 

Roll on Digital and a career outside of photography able to finance this passion. 

Photography is about taking a lot of bad pictures. The more bad pictures you take, look at, learn and discard, the more good pictures you'll take too. The only skills you need are to diligently and ruthlessly judge your own work and remember what you like and how to do it again. Then unleash yourself on the world, your friends and family and have at it.